This is the second show Marshall Jones and I have curated together.  We were able to implement some cool new things into this show and expand our roster of artists internationally.  It was a lot of hard work but meeting new artists and collaborating with them has been a blast.

Photos by Mark Miller and I.


Lucid Visions

An Academy Alumni show I was happy to curate with the lovely Diana Corvelle and Cara DeAngelis.  Here are some pictures from the show via Panepinto Galleries facebook page:


Here’s the link to the show’s official page:


Tell them stories show

This is a show I’ve been wanting to put together for a long time with my friend Marshall Jones and we finally made it a reality.  The idea of the show was to bring fine arts, illustration and comic book art together into one place to blur the boundaries between these different mediums.  Here are some pictures from the show..



Check out the entire Tell them stories gallery at:

There is also an amazing panel discussion about these different mediums moderated by Dorian Vallejo with Tony DiMauro  (Illustration), John Jacobsmeyer and Peter Drake (Fine Arts) and Gus Storms (Comic book arts).

Behind the curtain

A fantastic group show I am proud to be apart of highlighting the artists assistant’s personal works.

Here is an interview with Trek Lexington the curator of the show:

A review of the show by Quantum Art Review:


Pictures from the opening night via Mark Miller Gallery on Facebook:

Beyond the Threshold show

The show was a success with a great turn out all thanks to Luis Borrero and Amber Lia-Kloppel hard work.  Here are some photos of the show via: Mark Miller’s gallery on Facebook:


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Upcoming shows

These are some of my upcoming shows later this year:

Group Show

September 7th – October 5th, 2014
Opening ReceptionSunday, September 7th, 6-9pm



Mark Miller Gallery
92 Orchard St, 
New York, NY 10002
click here for more information


Group Show
October 8th – November 9th, 2014
Opening ReceptionWednesday, October 8th, 6-9pm
 The metal box and pipes, oil on mylar, 6 x 12 inches, 2014 WEB
Mark Miller Gallery
92 Orchard St, 
New York, NY 10002
click here for more information
Group Show  curated by Marshall Jones and Tun Myaing
October 10th – November 10th, 2014
Opening ReceptionFriday, October 10th, 6-10pm
Inline image 3
Art Foundry 
310 E 23rd Street, 12F (buzzer 96) 
New York, NY 10010
click here for more information


5 Pointz labyrinth series

The 5 Pointz labyrinth series is finally finished after 2 years of work.  There are all together 14 paintings from that series.  Here is a look at the 9 that are still in my studio:





Check out my website for the complete gallery of the series:

New finished paintings and paintings in progress

It’s a new year and I’m happy about my two new finished paintings.  Hopefully by the end of this year or sooner I’ll be able to finish the whole “5 Pointz Labyrinth” series which comprises of around 19 small paintings that I started last year.

A dozen sandbags SM
“A dozen sandbags”, oil on mylar, 6 x 19 inches, 2013
Daedalus dreams SM
“Ladders in hallways (going nowhere)”, oil on mylar, 6 x 21.5 inches, 2013

This is what I’m currently working on along with some more close up pictures of the paintings.  If you look closely you’ll see the other 6 paintings on the side that I just can’t wait to start on.  Keep an eye out as I post my progress on these new paintings.


20130226_204513 B
About 50% done
95% done.


For immediate release:

Media inquiries:  Tun Myaing (917)378-3700


Art Foundry
is proud to present 
Living Things

September 21 – October 12, 2012
Opening reception September 21, 6 – 9 pm

“But after a time allowed for it to swim,

“Instead of proving human when it neared

“and someone else additional to him,

“as a great buck it powerfully appeared.”

-Robert Frost


  We are creatures built for encounters.  Some of our favorite past times revolve around meeting new people, talking to them, passing a judgment, and, if we are lucky, understanding them a little.  This is who we are – frequently judgmental, occasionally insightful, hopelessly social, and hopefully, empathetic.  These are traits we living beings picked up from our encounters with fellow living beings.

Once in a while, however, this peculiar chance presents itself to us: to encounter not a person, but an object.  Not to simply see and acknowledge it, but to meet it; not to simply consider it, but to empathize with it; not to see it through our eyes, but to see ourselves through its eyes.  This moment is almost always fleeting, indecipherable, and indescribable; we feel it for a moment – and often walk away with a cautious shrug, unable to tell anyone precisely what we felt.  What we felt, however, was a kind of encounter – an encounter with a nonliving being, a greeting from the universe, a momentary conversation with Everything Else.  The Living Things Exhibit has one aim – to make the conversation longer.

Our penchant for using objects as metaphors is well documented.  Dutch still life is replete with depictions of spoiled fruit, bones, half-empty glasses, and human skulls – objects that represent our fears, our mortality, and us.  The work of a few newer artists (such as Antonio Lopez Garcia) expands on that idea.  An object is no longer a symbol.  The sense of time and decay tells us the story of the object; our story, merely one of many, takes a back seat to the stories of Everything Else.  Changed and molded by time, the object lives a non-life, emphatically still and indifferently different.

We too are objects.  The human body – our first birthday gift, a collection of mechanical and electric machinery, is among the most familiar and least understood objects.  Intricate and capricious, it has its own rules that we are not privy to.  It grows and withers, it becomes hungry, it lusts after other bodies, it gives away our deepest secrets.  Sometimes it is treated as a tool, traded for pleasure and, in its workings, it remains an object – an object that frustrates, fascinates, and inspires.  Only in death does the body reveal what it truly is – a thing, an object, a story of Everything Else.  The living world of animals and botany all live to tell this tale, a union of universal conversation.  This connection of the living world and the world of things has inspired many artists throughout centuries – to this day.

The artists exhibited in Living Things continue and expand on this tradition, bringing their unique contemporary vision of the bizarre and eloquent world of the insentient.  Acknowledging and celebrating the materiality of their work the artists of Living Things talk to the viewer with the voice of Everything Else.


Hi-resolution jpegs of the selected works and artists bios are available upon request:

For further information on the Art Foundry, please visit:

Art Foundry 310 E 23rd Street, # 12F (buzzer 96), New York, NY 10010

T: (917) 378-3700